Get Involved
Karma is always in need of new volunteers/members who dedicate part of their time to work with us.
Karma’s work is dependent on private donors. Therefore, every small amount matters to help Karma make a difference.
Adopt a case
Karma’s cases are often in need of long and costly medical treatment. If you adopt one of Karma’s case you can contribute to this sustainability by making sure the patients receives his/her medical treatment until the end.
Become a member
Karma’s work is solely based on effort and dedication of its volunteers. Our volunteers’ work ranges from helping at our sales and fundraising events, contributing to our administrative work and supporting our patients and their families in the period of treatment.
Follow our work
Karma’s work is dependent on people spreading and sharing its cause. Therefore, it is essential that you follow our work on social media (Facebook/Instagram), spread the word about our work and come to our events.
Who we are
  • Karma is a Lebanese NGO registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior in November 2015 under the registration number 2565. Karma is dedicated to supporting children and adolescents who suffer from severe diseases and whose families cannot afford appropriate medical treatment.
  • In the absence of proper medical coverage and social services, hope comes from solidarity and care, fuelled by effective, relentless work. In collaboration with a network of NGOs and foundations, Karma strives to ensure financial and psychological support to accompany patients and their families in dignity towards recovery.
Our Events
Spread the word about our work and come to our events.
Ahla Fawda, Street Festival Hamra
Spinneys Hazmieh Sale
Badaro Open Streets
Elle Fiesta 2015, Ain Mraiseh
Brute l'Atelier, Garage Sale, Mar Mkhael
Marathon Beirut
Zico House Karma Garage Sale, Sanayeh
Mezyan Vintage Bazaar & Book Sale, Hamra
Our Principles
  • Karma’s main focus lies on the tertiary health care – i.e. chronic and/or severe diseases – of children and adolescents.
  • Karma makes no distinction based on nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political affiliation, in supporting the patient in need.
  • Karma tries to keep administrative costs as low as possible so that nearly all revenues/donations are spent on the medical treatment.
  • Karma’s members are all volunteers.
Our Team
Spread the word about our work and come to our events.
Alaa Najjar
Mariam Younes
Adnan Najjar
Paul Achcar
Karma and the Lebanese health system
A huge gap in Lebanon between the private and the public health sectors.
Many Lebanese do not benefit from any public or private health insurance and are therefore dependent on the services of the Ministry of Health, which partially refunds medical treatments administered in hospitals. Since the outbreak of the Syrian war, large numbers of refugees fled to Lebanon. In November 2015, the total number of registered Syrian refugees amounted to 1,075,637 persons, a majority of which belong to the deprived social segment, and are therefore dependent on aid organizations for the provision of basic services, including health care. In addition, the number of Palestinian refugees registered at the UNRWA amounts to 455,000 persons, most of them living in precarious conditions in one of the country’s 12 refugee camps. An unknown but increasing number of Iraqi refugees also live in the country.