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Karma in the Media


BBC (English): How Syrian refugees battle against cancer on 26/06/2017

Ammash is a four year-old Syrian refugee living in Beirut who was undergoing cancer treatment under Karma.


Zoomin.TV (Arabic): الـكـارمـا الـلـبـنانـيـة on 01/12/2018

Miriam Younes, a co-founder and director of Karma, gives an introduction to the organisation and the daily challenges refugee children suffering from cancer face in Lebanon.


George Takei (English): This Syrian Refugee Boy Is Fighting Cancer on 31/05/2017

Yousef is a Syrian child suffering from cancer who has been looking to be resettled with his family so that he can get affordable medical treatment.


Alaraby TV (Arabic): مبادرات لبنانية لتوفير الرعاية الصحية لمصابي الأمراض المزمنة من اللاجئين on 03/07/2016

A Syrian reporting program that talks about Karma and interviews multiple people about its goals for providing cancer treatment to refugee children, including Miriam Younes, Director of Karma, and Dr. Layal Issa, President of Karma.


Zembla (Dutch): Kinderen met kanker: niet welkom on 27/09/2018

(English): Children with cancer: not welcome on 02/11/2018

A Dutch investigative report follows Dr. Layal and talks about three children with cancer from Syrian refugee families, Azzedine, Bouchra, and Abdelhamid.




Bento (German): Yussuf will leben. Und kämpft als Flüchtling im Libanon gegen den Krebs, on 11/01/2016

A German publication detailing the realities and obstacles of child cancer patients coming from refugee families, with a focus on a child named Yusuf treated by Karma at the time of publication.


De Stad Amersfoort (Dutch): Kanker, en dan? on 10/10/2018

A Dutch opinion piece where the author reflects on the Zembla report and shares his thoughts about the harsh realities shown in the TV segment.