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Souheila is now in Sweden!

Souheila was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and was treated under Karma’s coverage for a year and a half. Souheila is now in Sweden, continuing her treatment there.

Abdelrahman, swimming through life!

Abdelrahman was treated by Karma for one year. He has been cancer-free since one and a half years and is enjoying himself by the pool!

Milan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma…

Milan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when she was just one year old. She was treated for one and a half years. Her chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, and radiotherapy were supported by Karma in cooperation with ASCAL- Acute Support for Children and Adolescents in Lebanon. Today, Milan lives in Canada, goes to school, and is healthy.

Youssef never lost his smile.

Youssef’s chemotherapy treatment was supported by Karma for two and a half years. He still never lost his smile. Youssef has been cancer-free for six months and is enjoying his life with his family.

Mohammad has been resettled to Switzerland!

Mohammad was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016. He was supported by Karma and our cooperation partner, Acute Support for Adolescents and Children in Lebanon- ASCAL for one and half years. In May 2017, Mohammad and his family moved to Switzerland and he continues his treatment in Bern. The picture shows him in his new home.

Aisha is now cancer-free!

Aisha is now six years old. She was treated twice for Wilm’s tumor and Karma supported her treatment when she relapsed in July 2016. Aisha is now cancer-free. She is a happy and energetic child, leading an ordinary life.

Nanour was our first patient in 2014.

Nanour was our first patient in 2014. Karma supported her treatment for the three consecutive years. Nanour is now cancer-free, enjoying her day with her two sisters.