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We stand for equal access to the basic human right of healthcare for children



Founded in May 2015, Karma is a Lebanese non-profit, non-governmental organisation registred with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior in Novermber 2015 under the registration number 2565




Equal access to the basic human right of healthcare for children



To ensure financial and psychosocial support for underprivileged children/youth suffering from Cancer or Thalassemia, making no distinction based on nationality, origin, or religious/ ethnic affiliation. 



Karma’s focus lies on secondary and tertiary health care– i.e. chronic and/or severe diseases – of children and adolescents (mainly cancer and thalassemia).

Karma makes no distinction based on nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political affiliation, in supporting the patient in need.

Karma tries to keep administrative costs as low as possible so that nearly all revenues/donations are spent on medical treatment.

Become a volunteer!

Since Karma’s work is solely based on the efforts and dedication of its volunteers, we know that donated time is very valuable. Our volunteers assist in fundraising activities and support patients and their families during treatment, and contribute to the overall development of our organisation.

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Sharing an following our work on our socials helps us grow. This also allows us to help more and more children.

Every share, follow and like means that we reach more people that can help us.

Sponsor a child.

Karma’s children are often in need of long and costly medical treatment. Through sponsorship, a child is given the gift of stability through monthly donations that will support his or her medical treatment until recovery. 

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As Karma is a volunteer based organisation, it relies on motivated volunteers and members who dedicate their time and skills to support Karma’s children.

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